American Institutional Management Services, Inc. (AIMS) has been a catalyst for education reform since 1997. Committed to academic excellence and innovation, we strive to close the achievement gap nationally and globally by preparing students with the necessary skill set—both academically and beyond the classroom—to become exemplary community members and leaders.

We currently provide school management services to The Dearborn Academy, a pre-K through eighth grade charter school.

In 2014, we developed SchoolTron, a software that allows schools to monitor attendance and facilitate dismissal via mobile devices and web.<%-- www.SchoolTron.com--%>

AIMS continues to strive to become an industry leader in education reform.


Empowering educators to build quality-based learning communities where everyone achieves and leaders emerge.


AIMS will strive to achieve national recognition as an industry leader in educational excellence and innovation in school reform. We will continue our commitment to bridging the learning gap by cultivating future leaders and lifelong learners eager to engage in a global community.


At AIMS, we believe that all students can and must succeed. We understand that to be on the leading-edge of educational development requires more than just introducing smart devices to each classroom. Valuable, rigorous, and innovative educational practices must not only work towards bridging the learning gap, but also focus on developing emotional intelligence, teaching self-direction, and developing collaborative skills by restructuring the teacher-student dynamic.

We value students as partners in learning because we understand that personalized learning is achievable when they teach us how to teach them. When students are taught that they are partners in their educational experience, they develop confidence and will generate content and complete assignments they are proud of, sparking their intrinsic motivation to learn.

In today's world, it’s become increasingly necessary for students to acquire a broad skillset in addition to the foundational information and so it’s not enough to rely on instructional learning, but crucial to administer guided learning. At AIMS, we understand we must empower educators to empower students. The key is to teach students how to think, not what to think.

Our Approach

We craft curriculum that caters to each community's needs. We are dedicated to providing the newest technologies to our students and to our team. With these technologies, our team can personalize learning and empower educators to inspire students on their educational journey in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere where diversity is celebrated.