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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered below, please contact us.

Charter schools are:

  • public schools governed by boards
  • free and cannot charge tuition
  • open to all-lotteries, which are conducted when applications outnumber seats
  • subject to non-discrimination laws
  • in the State of Michigan, they are required to utilize Michigan-certified teachers
  • required to administer state M-STEP tests
  • subject to health and safety codes like other public schools

This is a continued misconception by the public. Charter schools are non-profit public schools governed by appointed boards. Each charter school has a board that has a charter contract with its Authorizer that spells out specific measurable goals and expectations (most common authorizers are universities and community colleges, but also ISDs, public school districts and a few other entities can authorize a charter school). The board, made up of board of directors, is an independent entity. It has the ability to contract with an Educational Management Organization ("EMO") or Educational Service Provider ("ESP") to provide services to the academy. These services can range from managing the entire school (from educational programs to hiring, etc.) or providing one or two services, such as employee leasing, bookkeeping, other financial services, etc. An EMO or ESP does not own the charter.

Our schools are funded by state tax dollars and grants. AIMS has generated more than $2 million in grant revenue, with grants such as the Foreign Language Assistance Grant and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant, Early Litracy Grant etc. for its managed academies.

We do not charge tuition. AIMS managed schools are public, state-funded schools.

Charter schools differ from public schools in three ways: accountability, choice, and autonomy.

  • Accountability - If a charter school fails, it will be closed.
  • Choice - A charter school is a choice in public education for individuals interested in creating or accessing unique educational opportunities.
  • Autonomy - Charter schools are free from tradional bureaucracy allowing time and resources to focus on the student's needs.

Yes. Charter teachers must meet state and federal certification requirements. Our teachers are highly qualified, and our staff includes specialists whose certifications exceed standard requirements, which allows them to lead advanced, unique programs successfully.

Charter schools are designed to reward and retain hard-working teachers, ensuring the implementation of quality programming and strong mentorship for the students.

Parents should choose the charter school that best aligns with their child's needs and interests. Once selected, parents should contact the desired school directly for application information and procedures. Students must be registered within the registration period and before the registration deadline.

Yes, AIMS has a crafted a complete special education curriculum.

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