Management Services

We provide a variety of services from corporate strategic development to property management, and more.



Rose Ladia
Chief Executive Accountant
313.624.2000 ext. 237

Jamal Mourtada

Accounting Assistant

313.624.2000 ext. 254

Payroll Calendar
Employee Payroll Portal

May be we can connect this to employee pay and deduction information. It will be great. Or we can just have it a an employee portal where employee is able to see his/her employment information, paychecks, benefits options, do changes etc.


If we can set up an electronic PO system similar to our form where we get the forms electronically via email. My only concern is how can we have the school principal view or approve it.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Service team is responsible for all company owned computer, email, application/software, printer, promethean board, ipad, chromebook, laptop, wireless, security camera related issues, and computer login and email password rest.

Our department DOES NOT handle any issues related to electricity, personal computers and/or personal usernames or passwords.


Ali Chaaban
Technology Coordinator
313.624.2000 ext. 232

Help Desk

Common problems and solutions

  • Outlook Email
  • Tablet Issues
  • Projector Issues
  • Google Apps(Gmail Issues)
  • Self Service Password Reset Instructions ---- Link
  • Computer Related Issues
  • Promethean Related Issues:
  • How to calibrate the Promethean Pen
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Printer/Copier Issues
  • Google Drive Issues

Human Resources

More information

Rania Zein
Human Resources

Software Development

AIMS designs and develops innovative web software and mobile apps for schools and small businesses. Our team is made up of talented designers dedicated to delivering sophisticated products with clean design and enjoyable user experience on various platforms including Android, iOS, and web.

Contact Information

Hassan Sirbali
Software Development and Support
313.624.2000 ext. 236

Maya Younis
Design and Support
313.624.2000 ext. 234

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